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In the year 2000, I was diagnosed with PVC's (an irregular heart rhythm), Type II Diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea and neuropathy. My constant craving for carbohydrates made it impossible to stay away from the foods that are deadly to a diabetic. Oral meds were becoming less effective in controlling my glucose levels, and I was very concerned that insulin dependency would soon be my reality.

 I've battled weight issues most of my adult life and failed at more attempts than I care to remember. I was seriously considering bariatric surgery - a procedure that almost took my sister Joyce’s life a few years ago. Joyce’s story is on the reverse side.

 After the first few days on the Take Shape for Life program, my carbohydrate addiction was under control. This new freedom has changed my life! My mental and physical health is greatly improved, and I enjoy shopping for new clothes for the first time in many years. I wake up rested from a great night's sleep - without extra pillows or use of any C-pap machine!

 I’ve lost 60 pounds (and still losing) and my husband Bud has lost 55 pounds. My most recent A1c that monitors diabetes shows that my sugar levels have normalized and on one-third the meds I was on previously. Bud is now maintaining a healthy weight and recent lab reports reflect positive changes in his health.. Bud’s support is pure gold, and we're excited to be Health Coaching with our great team through Take Shape for Life.

 We've joined the mission to get this country healthy and to save our children from a life of obesity and devastation caused by diabetes, heart disease and other health related problems. Our passion is deep, our focus is on helping others as we have a great purpose. We want to guide others to optimal health for long term sustainability - living a longer, healthier life. Come join us.

Bud and Nancy Sullivan  
405-745-4268 / 229-4958   

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