Before & After

*Results vary. Typical results: 2-5 lbs a week
for the first two weeks, 1-2 lbs a week thereafter.*
Mari's lost 55 lbs and 30" so far on her Take Shape for Life journey. Starting out in size 18-20 pants and 1x-2x tops, after seven months she is wearing a comfortable size 12 pants and M-L misses sized tops.

Her top three favorite Medifast foods are:
French vanilla shake
Sour Cream and Chive potatoes.
(I will post tweaks and links later)

Her (current) top three favorite Lean and Green meals are:
Noodle Free Lasagna
     (with either fresh stir fried green beans or a simple side           salad to complete the green)
Cauliflower Pizza
Parmesan crusted chicken breast and fried zucchini
(Recipes and links will be posted later.)

Mari's favorite physical activity since losing weight is riding her bike and swimming/water exercises. She loves to shop clearance racks and thrift stores for those cuter clothes she ones coveted. Her plan is to lose 20 more pounds and perhaps see single digit sized pants.


Hi there! My name is Mandy, and I'm 36. My before picture shows me at 270 lbs, size 22/24. I lost 25 pounds earlier last year following a carb-restrictive plan. Then I got stuck. Again. I've been stuck most of my adult life. I have two precious sons and they have created in me a desperate motivation to get to a healthy weight so that I don't have to miss out on a single fun thing with them as they grow up.  
I was active growing up, playing basketball and softball through my senior year in high school. Then I stopped being active, and my weight began a mostly steady climb over the next 18 years, with the occasional dip as I'd try a new diet, lose a few pounds, then begin the upward climb again. I love to eat, and portion control has always been a losing battle.  
My parents, Bud and Nancy Sullivan, started TSFL earlier last year, and I knew they were having great success with it. After I stalled out on yet another plan, I called my mom ready to start. I have lost a total of 110 lbs! My body has grown accustomed to eating small meals several times a day, and I am confident that TSFL will take me all the way to my goal weight.

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